Surveying the landscape after the forecasted October 7th date.

  • 00:55 Intro of Clif and George Ure and explanation from of how predictive language works
  • 02:56 George Ure and Clif join show;
  • 03:40 Astroid exploded over Sudan; 20% terra issue; Earthquakes; Storms in Seattle area
  • 06:43 What was expected for October 7th;
  • 08:45 Failure of Icelandic currency
  • 13:15 Building and Release language for 9/11 vs the October 7th event
  • 21:00 Fed; National Debt; Personal Debt and outrageous interest rates
  • 24:25 Guy inside the derivatives industry tells how worthless derivatives are
  • 31:00 Scraped by the Internet Bubble, then 9/11 provided a spending bump plus immigration housing boom
  • 36:05 Tent cities
  • 37:30 Squatting will be normalized
  • 39:25 Thank God for guns

Continued on Part 2

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