Data is indicating that Powers That Be feel a bit desperate as they are squeezed between the threat of being discovered and the need to accelerate their plans.

  • 01:30 Captured a language turn; Iranian oil trading opens and tanks the dollar and US market; Israeli Mistake; North Korea
  • 08:00 Clif’s software designed to make important info catch the eye
  • 10:00 Largest commercial real estate lender (15%-owned by GMAC) went bankrupt; Commercial real estate being built at 5 times population growth; Demolition Dana
  • 14:45 End of commercial fertilizer – back to honey pots
  • 18:15 Swine Flu vaccine hesitancy; UK secret estate court
  • 25:00 Giant magma pool under Oregon and Washington
  • 26:15 More on commercial real estate
  • 29:20 Powers That Be are feeling desperate
  • 35:25 Internet structure released out of frustration with BBS activity
  • 38:20 Old Swedish saying about death
  • 42:10 Owning your fear; Coming Golden Age; Vagus nervous system
  • 51:15 Dominate nostril breathing; Yoga; Aikido

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