FDR administration set a calming tone, but the Bush administration is actively trying to induce fear in the populace.

  • 01:00 ALTA Reports
  • 11:00 Overly sweet New Age-ism vs ancient Chinese Daoists
  • 12:15 Twin earthquakes; China earthquake
  • 19:30 Using the data to influence future events
  • 25:25 American Revolutionary War was one in 1774 when 2% of people realized war was coming; Chinese wanting Han Chinese in control of provinces
  • 32:55 Tone from FDR was calming vs tone from Bush is “Hurry! Hurry! Fear! Fear!”
  • 36:30 Developing genius and talents; Buckminster Fuller; Michael Tsarion
  • 43:00 Planetary Populace movement; Emergence of whistleblowers; Discovery of true history

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