Obama birth certificate issue beginning to arise. Disease-causing vaccines may be used for depopulation.

  • 02:44 Obama birth certificate wars; Psychopaths in government; Questionable vaccines; Intentional depopulation
  • 13:35 Chinese refuse US bonds; Derivatives; Crises of rust on grains; Food crises occurring at the same times as the currency crises
  • 21:00 Millions of deaths in the US due to disease; Viscous vaccine issue
  • 26:30 Abandonment of US for accuracy of data
  • 31:00 Theft of Clif’s reports
  • 33:25 Obama birth certificate; Aikido; Importance of higher view on the Internet
  • 36:18 Powers That Be are concerned about a breakdown of infrastructure related to 2012; The Big Squeeze; Negative polarity magnetic pads

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