In this fourth appearance on the Patrick Timpone show, Clif shares the story of Mao’s fortune teller and explains why he considers searching for a safe geologic location is a fool’s errand.

  • 01:57 Mao fortune teller story
  • 08:38 First caller: Safest geographic location?; No big release language around attack of Iran
  • 12:15 Building Tension vs Releasing Tension
  • 14:20 Icelandic volcano eruption – “Ill Winds”
  • 17:40 Two-way flow between Sun and planets; Travel Restrictions in data
  • 21:48 Global Coastal Event
  • 23:55 Global Revolution
  • 26:00 Clif’s pictures of the pyramids in Antarctic
  • 27:40 Possible sources of error in studying predictive linguistics

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