With Patrick Timpone, Clif touches on a variety of subjects: Consciousness; Silver; End of Religions; Solar Activity; UFO battles thru night vision goggles.

  • 00:25 Web Bot report is now $10
  • 01:55 Clif doesn’t look for conscious impression; Predictive linguistics attempts to pick up subconscious psychic leaks; Seaweed gathering example
  • 06:15 Little consciousness vs Big Consciousness
  • 07:15 Silver vs Gold; Buckminster Fuller global survey of resources; Industrial uses for silver may grow
  • 09:30 Timing silver value; When FRNs are worthless, trade silver for cows, etc.
  • 16:20 Era of faith-based religions is over
  • 16:35 History is rich with catastrophes; Solar activity
  • 18:30 New Madrid fault;
  • 20:38 The Gap – data gap coming
  • 21:30 Death of Dollar; Yellowstone volcano is not an issue
  • 25:45 Why negative emotions come through the data more than positive ones
  • 31:50 Arians and aliens; UFO battles via night vision goggles
  • 36:54 David Icke & Reptilians immaterial to Clif’s Daoist energetic world
  • 38:15 May 5-6
  • 39:45 Agencies trying to shut Clif down?
  • 42:00 “The Word” – Frequency to expose shapeshifting aliens

Direct audio link: https://soundcloud.com/oneradionetwork/high_cliff_half_past_human_predictions_for_the_future_042010_two

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