Large focus on a data point that seems to show a suicided athletic woman being searched for in a marsh that draws attention from many agencies. New slideshow of scenery around Clif’s residence includes huge beams sawed from the surrounding forest.

YouTube video description: Immediacy Data Intelligence report May 28 2014, Reflecting marsh, boats & uniforms, temporal markers for summer 2014 (northern hemisphere), officialdom distracted, Fat Black Swan settles down mid-August, AG to AU Union, and more

  • 02:38 Events around the waters of a marsh bring people with lots of different colors of uniforms with boats, jeeps, etc. Possible suicide of famous athletic female.
  • 13:45 Young sister keeps the issue alive
  • 14:56 Woman in media “blind in one eye”
  • 18:08 Younger sister will have opposed the relationship before the suicide
  • 23:35 Three weeks later, political repercussions
  • 26:10 Black swans related to recall of dried meat
  • 28:55 Price rise in gold entices people to go search for it
  • 30:55 Silver and Gold “meeting in union” = 1:1 parity;
  • 37:15 Space Goat Fart: Russia/China cooperation on space trip
  • 38:25 Fire from space; Detaching Principle – water structure; Breakthroughs in seed germination; Lightning storms and fulgurites; Contention related to chemtrailing

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