The coming quantitative easing and hyperinflation will be most pronounced in shortages of allopthic drugs. Stay Zen during the political turmoil…remember the bigger picture.

YouTube video description: clif’s wujo January 29, 2016 Bitcoin silver gold Crash Map for 2016

  • 00:40 No February report
  • 04:48 2016 is shaping up to be an odd year; Food crises in Northern Hemisphere
  • 08:11 Feb derivatives crises; Wobble in the dollar
  • 10:30 Many new sayings about gold, silver, and bitcoin; Bitcoin associated with cross-country settlements
  • 14:20 Quantitative easing in July; Fall/winter hyperinflation food crises; Rationing of drugs in alopathic medicine; USA will be at the center of a burst of alternative/herbal medicine; Shipping connection
  • 20:00 No reason to get caught up in the emotions of the coming fracturing of the US political process

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