Part 2 – 17-minute wordless video of Clif driving the road around Dewatto Bay with a Hero4 camera attached to his vehicle. Rough and narrow mountain road in the lush rain forest of the Oregon coast.

YouTube Description: NE North Shore ride along from about mile 22 m/l. Just after i had to stop, lash up a tree down across road (bigish vine maple) and drag over to where i could roll it down the hill. That is what i am explaining to the county road guys near the end of the vid.

So we pick up with the white knuckle driving from mile 22 down to about mile 19 when we get pavement back and then off into the more sedate, inhabited part of North Shore (of Hood Canal) Road.

This is just a ride along, no talking. Inside i have ‘sweat cam’ going which i will try to fold into this later. It shows the contortions one’s face must make in order to drive the road, plus it gives a better indication of the steepness of the grade.

Anyway, just a way to chill for a bit along a very unique road. i took it back from the property hunt JUST for the video potential. This in spite of the odd look the real estate agent gave me when he asked the second time was i really driving back all the way to Belfair on the North Shore road…

Putting on ads as the kids assure me they do not find it offensive, and the property around here is not cheap. Thanks.

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