A floor of $428 for bitcoin will indicate silver’s bottom. Heat bubbles and new types of radiation arriving from the sun.

YouTube Description: clif’s wujo for April 15, 2016. Discussion includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Silver, and Bitcoin to Gold links as upcoming temporal markers; also heat wave in USA and Siberia, and storms. Also UV rays and blindness caution.

  • 00:28 Deutche Bank manipulating silver markets
  • 01:51 Bitcoin relationship to silver and gold; Bitcoin emotional tone was very close to silver; Silver floor when bitcoin floor is set at $428; At $650 bitcoin, silver will take offwhen bitcoin hits $650
  • 12:20 Terra entity data; Heatwaves/bubbles in northern hemisphere
  • 18:18 Yellow sun has turned to white sun; New radiation coming from sun; Filtering from sunglasses is not a natural state, but sunglasses may be necessary
  • 20:37 Early storms

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyvmzRqGsn8

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