2016: Part 1 – 17-minute wordless video of Clif driving the road around Dewatto Bay with a Hero4 camera attached to his vehicle. Rough and narrow mountain road in the lush rain forest of the Oregon coast.

YouTube Description: Note i don’t talk in this, just drive around and take video from trooper.

A bit of a travelogue. i built a mount for the top of the trooper and put a hero4 there as i drove the Dewatto Bay Rd for a few miles (yes, there are people living in the boat up on pier blocks), then as i continued back a short distance on the Belfair-Tahuya road and turned off to drive the whole way back to Belfair on the NE North Shore Road.

This road is pavement for a very short distance from the intersection where i turn off, then goes ‘rough’ from mile 26 to mile 19 before there is any pavement again. The ‘rough’ part is no understatement. We are talking about a place directly across Hood Canal from the Olympic mountain range and it is sheered off foothills separated from the Olympic range by some ancient cataclysm. These foothills are steep. Damn steep. Which is what was wrong with the property i had been looking at that brought me to the drive home by this torturous route. i thought if my gopro mount could take this, it would work on the proa (bouncing across waves and such).

This is a major county road by the way, though few people live off of it for the ‘rough’ miles. Note the number of remains of tree debris piles from our recent wind/rain storms. Between parts one and two of this video travelogue i had to stop and fix some rope to a tree that had come down from an overhang and haul it off and then push it over the side of the road. Later in part two i stop and tell the county road guys about where to find the pile of limbs and such.

Anyway, part two to follow. Which takes me back to the pavement and a few nice pictures of Hood Canal to sooth the nerves…

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQunB_Db3nc

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