In Part 2 of 3 of this Leak Project interview, Clif High explains how the Sun is not a nuclear reactor and its influence on our future.

Continued from Part 1

  • 01:00 First occurrences of Sun Disease in Web Bot data
  • 03:10 Dyson’s Sphere can’t exist because Sun is not a nuclear reactor–Sun does not make its own energy; Sun is a ball of ferrite (iron) and copper moving through the matterium of space like a TIG welder; Vacuum exists only behind the Sun as it moves through the energies of space
  • 09:15 Comparison to time of ancient Greece when Sun changed; Yellow to white Sun; Russians think we may be moving toward a blueish-white Sun
  • 11:20 Russians talking in 1970s how we have entered a new area of space
  • 15:15 Sunscreen industry may be to address the new energies from Sun
  • 16:26 Inuit people and UV sunglasses of fish-skin
  • 18:10 What is “woo woo”? Things that are denied by officialdom
  • 21:45 Debt-based system; No more plentitude; Shortages
  • 25:35 Seeing UFOs with night vision goggles; That technology belongs to us; Disclosure related to Antarctica; Pristine data around Antarctica
  • 28:40 Changing Antarctica weather patterns; Geography of Antarctica
  • 31:00 Photo proof of Antarctica pyramids; Employment opportunities in Antarctica
  • 35:00 Reptilians? Shapeshifting?

Continued on Part 3 of 3

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