In Part 1 of this Leak Project interview, Clif High addresses the isolation issue of quantum computers and how that might be causing Mandela Effects.

  • 01:16 Problem with quantum computers; Isolation; Current digital computer paradigm was reverse engineered from alien technology;
  • 05:35 Abacus comparison
  • 07:40 Stargate Universe talking stones; CERN
  • 09:35 Quantum entanglement
  • 11:40 No alternate timelines or alternate dimensions
  • 15:15 Extreme effort to isolate quantum computers
  • 16:15 Mandela Effect may be side effect of quantum computers
  • 18:00 Real-word example of Mandela Effect on a programmer friend of Clif
  • 26:00 Afterlife; Other dimensions don’t exist; 4 senses; Touch is not a sense; Temporal dimension; Rusty nail illustration; Influence of consciousness on experiments
  • 33:00 Sun Disease first started showing up in data in 1997

Continued in Part 2 of 3

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