WEB BOT AND WOO WOO! How the collective consciousness is able to tap into the future, erasing of history, and the effect of cryptocurrencies and the fiat debt system.

00:35 Clif is recovering from intestinal cancer surgery
05:40 How Dick Allgire first became acquainted with Clif; Financial crash of 2008
07:20 The woo woo of Web Bot, how it works; Plutchik Wheel of Emotions; Digibite
13:50 How does the consciousness of humanity predict the future? High body consciousness; Depression = past; Anxiety = future; Auras
17:40 Explanation for the functionality of remote viewing; Telepathy; Field of Consciousness;
21:32 Time travel; 22 trillion times per second; Avogadro’s number; Bruce Lee
32:05 Why is it difficult to predict crypto numbers? Forming wave; HODL
41:00 Adjustment Bureau; Smithsonian; Dumping bones of giants; Changing/distorting history; Clif’s dad was aid to LBJ and chose Vietnam instead; fubar of early night vision goggles
47:30 Blockchain is a VERY slow database: Whales buying to get ahead of breakout; Fiat disappears as debt is paid off


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