Conversation around what the “Joe Rogan” web bot hit and remote viewing confirmation indicates for our future “SciFi World”.

See Part 1 of this interview

00:22 Dick intros the interview with description of how Clif’s web bots work
02:31 Interview begins; Joe Rogan drawing; Rogan/Trump interview drawing; Belief system change drawing
05:16 Why it’s not necessary for Joe to literally interview Trump
07:25 Smokey skies drawing predicting California fires
08:15 Entry into SciFi World; Secrets Revealed to a deep and magnificent level; Ultimate knowledge of where humans came from; Antarctica
11:15 No alien contact; Intergalactic internet; End of fantasy
14:45 Cryptocurrencies as a central thread in SciFi World; Payments in space
17:05 Blue Chicken Cult; Significant threshold of $100,000 Bitcoin parties
20:00 Financial + Science revolution
21:40 Portability of crypto; Seed phrases
26:18 Trump may actually go onto Joe Rogan show

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