• 00:01:00 Secret space program; Practical goals; Night vision goggles
  • 00:09:10 Alien abductions; Corey Goode; Blue Space Chickens; Blue Chicken Cult
  • 00:12:05 Vagus Nerve System; Sympathetic & Parasympathetic nerve systems; Reptilians
  • 00:24:40 Animals with advanced vagus nerve systems
  • 00:27:22 Psychonaut; Psychedelics; Reintegration of personalities; Dissolution; Adventures with aliens; Meeting the mantids; LSD vs Mescaline vs Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • [00:39:50] Religions created by schizotypal personalities; Adrenochrome
  • 00:43:20 Elongated skulls; Pre-Ice age civilization; 40,000 in Peru; Masons destroyed 100,000; Academic history is bogus; Admission of aliens opens liability;
  • 00:47:25 Ant Theory; Aliens may see us as ants
  • 00:50:56 Channeling; Simon Parks raised by mantids; Ephemerals – Non-corporeals; Channeling causes damage in next life; David Wilcock; Law of One; Auras; Experience of seeing aura of channeler drawing energy from audience; Adrenals drained;
  • 00:58:45 Speaking in tongues; Magic vs Sorcery; Edgar Cayce; Thule Society; Jews declared war on Germany before Hitler; Bashar; Kisha; Damage in German airplane hanger
  • 01:06:58 Conical skulls; Coneheads in British museums represented royalty; Bored by school; Annunaki
  • 01:10:54 Defining senses, sensation
  • 01:13:50 Age of Pisces; Flat Earth; Space energies; David Wilcock & Ascension; Schizotypal
  • 01:19:22 China launch of new moon; Genghis Khan killing aliens
  • 01:22:10 Interstellar space travel; Vandenberg Airforce Base story;
  • 01:24:28 Corey Goode & Andrew Basiago time travel story; 108 years old; Jason Rice
  • 01:29:15 Project Blue Beam; Corey Goode an agent?; Tells; Blue Chicken Cult; 163 muscles in the human face; Williams Tompkins; David Wilcock; Project Avalon; Gaia TV; Jay Weidner;
  • 01:47:13 Technical approach to drug trips; Movie: Men Who Stare at Goats; Lyn Buchanan – Psychic vs non-psychic aliens; Mantids;
  • 01:58:02 Past lives; Reincarnation; Spanish, German, Dutch inquisition; All women killed in German villages; Psychedelics; Origin of the word bigot; Outlawed bear with mushrooms; Psychedelics inserted vaginally;
  • 02:05:05 Nummo – fish beings; Sirius star cluster; Dogon

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lc0Vs8KpHI

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