Shortcomings of computer programming and how competing programs may throw a monkey wrench into Globalist plans. Maximizing YouTube algorithms and face on Antarctica.

  • 00:00:30 Show begins; Clif’s background
  • 00:06:35 Clif begins
  • 00:10:35 Google’s purchase of YouTube; Chinese conquer populations by moving in 20% Han Chinese; Social Credit System
  • 00:18:15 5G; TSA style back scanner; DNA microscope
  • 00:22:05 YouTube glut; Adpocalypse; Transformed ad marketing;
  • 00:25:57 New algorithm promotes mainstream; Hates long-form; Did away with recommendations; Monetized words
  • *00:41:10 Old media dying making censorship necessary so old guard can handicap competition
  • 00:48:37 Elites scanning images to find their past lives
  • 00:51:45 Epstein example
  • 00:54:45 Difficulty of hacking individuals
  • *01:01:09 Social order is at a crisis point
  • 01:05:10 Software has eaten the world and is now competing with itself
  • 01:11:20 SciFi World; Idea of the frontier; Globalism;
  • 01:15:30 Change of Sun’s color; Cooling of planets
  • 01:18:26 Precariousness of the computerized world
  • 01:23:25 War Kitties; Weaponizing cats
  • 01:28:15 Maximizing YouTube algorithms
  • 01:40:41 Caffeine addiction
  • 01:41:45 Face on Antarctica

Backup: Rumble

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