In the fourth part of the series, Clif addresses the Fitbit security bug which revealed lots of military activity on Antarctica. There also seems to be a connection between the Voyager spacecraft and the increase of activity on the continent.

  • 00:00:37 Host begins introduction and provides Clif’s resume
  • 00:06:12 Interview begins; Break-in at Clifs’ house
  • 00:08:27 Fitbit mapping activity trails; Satellite photo of two pyramids
  • 00:19:00 Establishing civilization…hiring translators and massage therapists; McMurdo Station has become huge; Container ships for supplies;
  • 00:24:52 Flat earth; Why has nobody flown across Antarctica; Magnetic issues
  • 00:27:18 Cruise ship full of ex-CIA
  • 00:30:00 Ice mass is shifting off Antarctica; Magnetic pole shift?
  • 00:30:58 Area 51; Google Earth masking
  • 00:36:45 Expanding Earth
  • 00:38:13 Giza Pyramid energy; 51°51′; Photovoltaic application; Preserving razorblades, food;
  • 00:44:00 Pressure on official (legacy) Egyptology
  • 00:47:10 Huge increase in flights from Christchurch, NZ; South America connection
  • 01:02:07 Web bot hints at Voyager spacecraft connection
  • 01:10:57 Antarctica is not a good place to launch rockets from; Arc and spin of craft is necessary;
  • 01:14:23 Meteor explosion over military base in Greenland
  • 01:17:05 Interdimmensionality; String theory; Quantum Entanglement; Time travel
  • 01:25:13 Unclaimed area; Chinese involvement
  • 01:29:48 Black Goo in South America
  • 01:31:15 New Zealand site-seeing flights
  • 01:34:35 Thousands of “civilians” being hired; Heavy equipment operators


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