• 00:20 Making bread; Boscovich on fermentation; Digestion; Champagne; Port
  • 03:34 Halloween
  • 04:10 Clif as a baker, flour expert; gluten intolerance
  • 05:40 DNA as epigenetic recording systems; body wasted after cancer; 128 lbs
  • 09:30 Commercial bread is not bread
  • 11:46 We’re all in the fermentation; Importance of waiting; Time; The war requires time
  • 15:23 Importance of bread to ancient Egyptian builders; Barley gruel; Egyptian nutritional deficiencies
  • 23:03 Good gluten; lectins; Yeast contribution to flavor; protein; etc.
  • 26:00 SOC knew that we needed a fermentation process; Satoshi Nakimoto may have been involved
  • 27:30 Unique nature of this war; slow process
  • 29:43 Importance of waiting in a war
  • 30:38 Isolating a Mother for future generations

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kjIuN3oQow70/

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