Considering the role of silver and the collapse of civilizations in addition to the approaching Ice Age glaciation, mass die-offs and the breakdown of systems, Kazakhstan offers a fair representation of our future.

  • 00:56 Use of silver in every civilization; Lack of silver caused collapse of Bronze Age
  • 03:22 Brits didn’t like paying silver for cotton; Initiated Civil War
  • 05:12 1920s $20 gold piece was equivalent to our $100 bill; Commercial real estate crash, bond crises, severe metals crisis of extreme proportions
  • 06:59 Ice Age and tribal system vs inventing our way to a new civilization
  • 09:37 Die-off and collapse of civilization or collapse of empire
  • 11:45 Glaciation; Lake Tahoe = 50′ of snow; Flooding in Washington/Vancouver
  • 14:40 Adjusting analysis based on reduced population
  • 16:53 Jean Baudrillard – Breakdown of system of systems
  • 18:15 Electrical mysteries in silver; Silver 107 + 109; New Electrics; Increase diesel efficiency by 1%
  • 23:25 What the world looks like at $600 silver
  • 26:52 Veritaseum; No more Comex; Chinese are shutting down globalism; Local supply
  • 32:00 Chinese log-term planning; 1968 Mao Tse-tung speech about conquering North America
  • 35:19 Must do away with central banks; Tri-metallic standard based on an abundance of gold and rarity of silver
  • 39:55 Destruction of old banks pegged at Feb 17th; Public Cleansing
  • 43:55 Road to Roota Theory
  • 45:06 Kennedy Assassination was pivotal
  • 47:40 Stupidity of “clones”; Simon Parks; Charlie Ward
  • 49:31 Kazakhstan; Mass arrests; Breakdown of judicial system, hospital admins, legislative bodies
  • 56:30 Clif High’s Pure Sleep update

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  1. Bix Weir! Blessings on you, Wise One! We really needed this collection. I was having a hard time finding Uncle Clif. This is so much easier to send to friends and just to find! And Clif’s advice is excellent, as usual.

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