Clif High provides details on how the changing Sun affects the bioshpere and on how the manipulated food chain does not mean there is a genuine food production problem.

  • 00:15 Book: The Biosphere by Vladimir Vernadsky; Pressure on Sun reducing its corona and increases biosphere on Earth
  • 06:45 Yellow Sun now white
  • 07:15 Increased biosphere means = general recovery period; Manipulated supply chain issue will take a couple years to work out, but no genuine food production problem; No overpopulation
  • 11:00 Admitting we are in “The Big Ugly” is the first step to recovery; Damage by edict can be rebuilt fairly quickly
  • 12:50 Identify strategic real estate but consider die-off
  • 13:37 7 years for total recovery; Sound money and sound politics will be developed; The Big Ugly may end first quarter of 2023
  • 16:10 Housekeeping stuff; Specific Clif High channels on Telegram, Truth Social, Bitchute
  • 17:40 Pure Sleep does not use melatonin
  • 18:05 Possible deep state reactions and space alien releases
  • 19:25 9 amp photovoltaic replacement system running on biomass

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