General Flynn recently made an appearance with Charlie Ward. It seems incongruous and may indicate that Flynn and/or his staff don’t grasp the Woo.

  • 00:18 Explanation of issues with Charlie Ward; Fake website counter
  • 01:27 NESARA, GESARA, QFS; MedBeds; Simon Parks; Bogus anti-5G devices
  • 02:16 Claimed money launderer; “Declared at Customs” does not validate transaction
  • 06:30 Dinar exchanges will fold soon
  • 07:00 Charlie Ward with General Flynn

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2 thoughts on “20220713 – Universe Favors Humor (Charlie Ward & Gen Flynn)”
  1. I agree about all those sketchy groups but I think it’s more about exposure to more people who are encouraged to check out and find better resources [mainly from the community of commenters] to learn stuff they otherwise would not have learned. I check out the comments more than the speaker [some like paKman I mute] just to learn about the community that needs to be reached. Scammers will be exposed. But their followers will be INTRODUCED to a better world of thinking. Apocalypse means “unveiling” and it’s the armageddon group I have been trying to work on.
    Thanks for your videos, especially on Forum Borealis. I think it might reach my I.T. grandchildren. and CalTech type son.

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