Clif High records stream-of-consciousness thoughts while driving. Lots of chaos expected through the end of the year as world rejects Khazarian Mafia and WEF shenanigans.

  • 00:44 WEF uses deception and deceit to convince nations to do things that go against a society’s interest; Examples: Gay, lesbian, pedophilic activities; Clot shot causing infertility and population decline
  • 03:15 WEF intended to kill off white race and enslave all remaining racists; Khazarian Mafia are fake Jews trying to takeover the world
  • 05:14 Divide and conquer; They split up US; Creation of central bank
  • 06:57 Khazarian Mafia invented and own Masons; WEF owns Mason lodges
  • 08:09 Interdimensional Entities are a misunderstanding; Aether
  • 10:20 Death of FRN and replacement by Constitutional Dollars
  • 11:00 Khazarian Mafia inbreeding and stupidity
  • 12:45 Takeover of media diluted their ability to understand the true nature of things
  • 14:00 40% of language in Ireland understands WEF as enemy
  • 16:17 August-October will see degradation of economic system built around FRNs
  • 17:15 Don’t eat insects – they carry parasites
  • 18:30 Manipulation of Bitcoin, Silver price will break soon
  • 20:00 Rent prices spiking; Property prices falling
  • 21:25 Constitutional crises close; Revolutionary time coming in December unless systemic changes occur; $30 gas by December is possible
  • 23:40 80% of votes will go to Republicans; Democrat cheating will be tough
  • 24:40 Insley is illegitimate governor of Washington
  • 26:00 Don’t be scared by negative news
  • 27:32 WEF swallow their own propaganda
  • 30:07 Expect UFO Web Bot hits in August; Summer financial crash
  • 32:26 Democrat regime will flee in Jan/Feb

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