Humans aren’t thinking correctly about UFOs and renewed interest in them will be a key indicator that WEF/Khazarian Mafia is losing its grip. Don’t eat insects!

  • 00:37 We don’t understand the UFO phenomena; Officialdom doesn’t want populous to think about UFOs because they are clueless
  • 03:05 Claims of flat earth and firmament are due to our not understanding our place in the Universe
  • 03:20 Elohim; Annunaki
  • 04:40 99% of “Christian” institutions are promoters of disinformation and will go adrift over the next 20 years
  • 07:30 Climate Change; Washington weather data
  • 08:50 UFOs interacting more with military personnel
  • 10:00 Defense Department using a much wider perspective to research UFOs
  • 13:00 Don’t fall for speculation about interdimensionality
  • 15:30 Counteract WEF UFO misunderstanding
  • 19:45 Effective AI; Tooth resin laser includes AI; Human-designed AI is practical and dumb; No alien AI or black goo; Kerry Cassity doesn’t understand
  • 24:00 Datasets show awareness of UFOs helps defeat Khazarian Mafia
  • 25:30 Parasites from eating bugs; Can’t heat insect material enough to kill parasites
  • 29:00 Australian and New Zealand dictatorships

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