Uprisings, riots, chaos, and new discoveries happening on every continent indicate World War WEF has begun and there are interesting connections to the Balenciaga train wreck.

01:21 Clif High’s Pure Sleep; Human Growth Hormone (HGH) precursor; GABA
02:08 War against WEF; Election issues in the US, Volcano in Hawaii, Brazil election, Australian birth rate reduction; Ukraine war; Sweden immigration policy
05:32 Riots and protests in China; Red QR code in social safety app means buying and travel don’t work and you must check into COVID facility at your own expense
10:40 All continents involved in information war; Antarctica underground area; Bolsonaro in Brazil; Worldwide election redo
14:05 China is doubling number of coal plants
15:25 Information war involves rediscovering our past; Destruction of used books
17:25 Discovery of huge cache of books in Tibet
18:32 Balenciaga fashion pedo images; Baal was used as a title for the El; El instructed slaves to move from Yemen to middle east; The word Pharoah does not exist in ancient Egypt
28:16 Baal is in charge of DNA, fertility; Associated with words Lord and God, storms and rain
30:12 Mauro Biglino translation of the bible
31:50 Talmud and space aliens; CERN from Zohar and Kabalah
32:53 Huge collapse of China economy; Riots
35:05 Interconnection of themes through history; Baal and Salvador, Brazil; Thank you not to local Baal for rescuing wounded ship with flying ship; Phoenicians; Book: The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino
42:15 New DNA strains from Baal;
44:35 New Q posts about DNA
45:55 Did Balenciaga include BAAL on crime tape as a distraction?

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OaEBRIcfcGd2/

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