The mind and consciousness are two different things. Hormones produce motivation. Computers have no hormones and no motivation.

  • 01:01 Nature of mind
  • 03:17 If someone is conscious, they are aware of it; Consciousness and awareness
  • 04:48 Consciousness is substrate…printed circuit board
  • 05:45 Consciousness shapes body; Delusion of gender-deniers
  • 07:18 Soul has instructions of how the body should look at every step of life
  • 08:50 Feedback loop between mind and body
  • 10:00 Anesthesia Amnesia
  • 14:00 Influence of hormones; Motivation
  • 16:15 Kerry Cassity doesn’t understand that computers don’t have motivation, just instructions; Do-while loop; AI is a dead end; Sophia is high-end fraud
  • 23:08 Fellow Microsoft employees insisted that it was a bad thing for Clif to smoke pot; Schizotypal

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