The tide has turned, but we have a long way to go. Rediscovering our true history is critical to our societal cohesion. And an interesting new twist on an old Web Bot theme.

00:20 We’re winning the war, but there is still much to be done; Trump back on de-woked Twitter; This is much larger than 4-year election; Let’s peg it at the JFK assassination
01:55 Khazarians are being defeated on every front; Life discovered below Antarctica; Ukraine = Khazaria; Vax war is won
03:35 We must undo all the polluted history; Jesus was an Essene, not a Jew
05:11 Many of the secret societies were created by the Khazarian Mafia; Jesuits; Talmud; Torah; Gadriel (Gabriel) monkied with DNA
11:00 Battle to eliminate the Jesus strain of DNA; Book: Redemption Through Sin
12:20 Long time to redo the narradym; When we have consensus on our history, we’ll have cohesion
14:43 Declass; Web Bots may have run into another undefined descriptor; Maryland food shortages lead people to discover big caches of government documents; Same kind of situation in Vatican library; 9/11 described as “Military Accident”; Possibly declass of documents around DC, Vatican, and West Coast

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