Did the Bonze Age end due to the collapse of a Khazarian financial system? And how does that relate to us today?

  • 00:16 Bronze is an alloy of copper with other metals
  • 01:11 Bronze Age collapsed in 1177 BC; Lasted thousands of years; Bronze is hard but it can’t bend
  • 05:30 Bronze appeared concurrent in a number of cultures; Collapsed in a mysterious fashion
  • 07:17 Collapse Scenarios: Disease, politics, invasion, money collapse
  • 08:33 Lots of intercultural activity; Mines throughout Europe, Russia, Indonesia; Britain had tin mines
  • 11:00 Difference between fishing and transfer boats
  • 14:30 300-year shaky period before the collapse of Bronze Age
  • 17:00 No large bronze activity in the Americas; Official history of the Americas is bogus
  • 20:00 Bronze Age collapsed because money system collapsed
  • 21:48 Book: Codex Oera Linda
  • 23:25 Khazarian money system collapsed; Float loan or float boat
  • 25:30 Lack of respect for academics; No Rus invasion of Germany and England
  • 29:00 MotherWEFers are attempting to collapse current civilization
  • 29:53 Downside of EV lithium batteries

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