Sumerian cuneiform is better adapted for computers than modern languages. Will the superior technology of space aliens subsume current human culture?

  • 00:27 Culture and Technology; Saying: Cultures don’t survive first contact with a superior culture; Cargo Cults
  • 03:30 Essenes and 12 Yemeni tribes
  • 04:00 Reading is a technology; Roman Alphabet vs Sanskrit; Hebrew, Greek, Russian are difficult to read
  • 08:40 Sumerians and cuneiform; Cuneiform may have been a language for computers
  • 12:15 Hebrews inherited Sumerian language; Zecharia Sitchin bunk
  • 16:00 Ziggurat collapsed during Iraq war full of Sumerian tablets
  • 19:40 Technological splits; Example: Driving a standard car
  • 24:00 Average age of death for Clovis people was 28
  • 25:18 Humans are not native to this planet
  • 27:00 History is mucked up; Kingless
  • 30:36 History classes are bogus; Gender studies going away
  • 31:35 Credentialism leads to corruption (Trust the experts); Aikido techniques
  • 34:19 Absorbing superior space alien technology
  • 36:28 Hints that WEF-managed government run by intelligence services are expecting clash of cultures with superior space alien tech

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