WEF has weaponized empathy so use it as a tool and turn the empathy on them.

  • 00:19 WEF started buying politicians in late 1950s & 60s
  • 02:08 Never wrong to distrust government and big corporations
  • 03:00 Wokonian core strategy is for WEF to takeover, install dictatorship in US, and harvest us like they do in China
  • 04:10 WEF has weaponized empathy
  • 08:44 Reversing the empathy
  • 14:45 We’re winning the war; Mobs on Trudeau
  • 17:30 Justice denied creates revolution
  • 19:19 Vox Populi; Fellow Washington State peeps get involved; 1000 letters double the workload of legislative aids and tech people
  • 26:20 Back on Twitter @clif_high

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/triggers

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