A lesson in leveraging paranoia to defeat those trying to control the population.

  • 00:09 We’re still in 5GUW (Fifth Generation Unrestricted Warfare); Psychological War all over the world
  • 02:20 Complex plan to bring awareness to the people; Most still don’t even understand we’re at war; Casualties of war
  • 04:50 Not convinced we will be lobbing nukes at one another, but necessary for people to be awakened to the problem
  • 06:30 Note how many followers your internet nutjobs have; Could be a ten-fold increase soon as normies awaken
  • 11:30 Sigmund Freud; Khazarians
  • 13:40 Ohio Chemical Bomb
  • 16:20 Vox Populi
  • 18:05 Clif high school psychology class story/example
  • 30:00 Leveraging paranoia; OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/clapping-for-them

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