Undercut the Khazarian agenda by pointing out the mental illness of its purveyors. Complex Magnetic Field Tensor found with the help of Chat GPT.

  • 00:36 Various issues may have been due to recent solar burst
  • 02:03 Tensor math in Chat GPT AI; Aether Mechanics
  • 11:17 Combatting social engineering from the Khazarian Mafia; Factitious Disease Imposed on Another (FDIA); Trans; FDIA ICD-10 code is F68.1; Mental Illness; FDIA is a socially transmitted disease
  • 23:30 59 secret CCP centers in the US; Munchausen syndrome by proxy
  • 27:45 Chat GPT wokeness
  • 30:40 Complex Magnetic Field Tensor allows us to find the position and momentum of an electron; Time Tensor allows us to know what the Ever Present Now (EPN) is

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/math-and-psyops

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