New dynamic energy-backed currency systems are replacing fiat and stable gold-backed systems. Coming Soon: Shutdowns of entire government departments.

  • 00:24 Nattokinase to deal with the spike protein in blood; Analogy to the Central Bank; Russia and China threw wrench in Central Bank plan
  • 03:20 Gold backed served well in a stable system; New dynamic system is energy-based currency/economies; Very deep, inexhaustible oil wells in future
  • 05:43 Vernadsky
  • 07:00 Savings in energy-backed currency
  • 08:00 Fed is shit out of luck because CBDC and authentication will never happen
  • 09:10 Real estate is in a crack-up Boom
  • 10:23 Middle Class rage; Comparison to Sri Lanka revolution
  • 15:20 Whole government departments shut down by mid-September; Disgust with wokism
  • 21:50 Significant numbers of politicos will resign to escape connections

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