US collapse will look much like the fall of the Soviet Union. Strategies to prepare.

00:33 Interesting interview by Greg Hunter with Charles Nenner
01:44 Survey of Europe: 61% said climate crises is a religion; Referendum in Germany: 82% against climate crises
05:00 US Empire collapsing like the Soviet Union
06:11 Russians don’t tolerate Pride Parades
08:00 US in dangerous time, but it won’t last long; Defense against Tranifa; Jury Diversity
09:40 Even normies are starting to recognize that the Deep State is full of sexual deviants
11:00 Financial crash
13:30 Defend yourself with a cane, taser
18:10 Countersue; Won Corey Goode lawsuit
20:19 Coming dangerous period of lawlessness
23:23 US will shed connections to other countries; Globalism is dead
25:26 Stock up, build community
26:15 UN and NGOs will fade away fast
27:23 Biden regime planning to crash the stock and bond markets the day after Republicans vote not to raise the debt ceiling; End The Fed

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