Normies will suicide themselves because they aren’t mentally prepared for the change they will be forced to face in the coming months.

  • 00:12 The logic of burning trees for energy; Climate change nutjobs; Communism is without future; Core of trannie issues, climate change, abortion pill producers
  • 06:00 Convincing 3-year-olds to switch genders
  • 07:05 Lin Biao; Removing hope from a society; Homelessness engineered in school by indoctrinating hopelessness
  • 09:25 Khazarian rituals on 9/11 to freeze time; Einstein’s materialistic world vs Khazarian’s spiritual one; Secularism; System crushes homeless rather than helping
  • 14:00 Death of dollar; Three centrally-planned alternatives rejected
  • 16:00 Self-governance will demand sound thinking
  • 18:00 WEF bribes states to entrap kids; Politicians won’t have money for influence
  • 22:00 Last week in April is prelude to financial problems of May; Chinese have expanded money supply by, maybe, a third of total economy
  • 23:55 Death of dollar will cut the Fentanyl problem; Attacks on Taiwan – 87% of computer chip market
  • 29:30 Age of Aquarius; Homeschooling; Colleges will die; 4:1 female to male ration at Evergreen College

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