Sasha Stone, Corey Goode; Charlie Ward, and Simon Parks craziness aligning with motherWEFer futile attempts to keep humanity in a denser state.

  • 00:25 Sasha Stone crying wolf about black goo
  • 01:30 Black goo goes back to a single source that seems to be made up; Graphene oxide is not forming up into networks; Bluetooth MAC addresses in graveyards; Bluetooth coffins to keep track of graves
  • 05:28 No more mention about MRNA vaccine having to stay cooled
  • 08:15 MotherWEFers always want to take us backward…to the Kali Yuga…to a denser state
  • 09:45 Intelligent people are growing their own food, wearing shungite, etc.; Humanity won’t re-up to the Khazarian system
  • 13:45 Building Bronze Age
  • 14:45 Pulled over by sheriff
  • 17:28 Movie being made about Corey Goode; Charlie Ward and Simon Parks channels grew on grift; Charlie Ward world tour canceled; Sasha Stone Black Goo Sea Slug; Simon Parks Clingy Consciousness Cult
  • 29:40 Kerry Cassidy’s monster AI

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