The debt ceiling debate was never about the debt. It was about the negotiations and drama. Republicans got pipeline concessions while Democrats and RINOs will be hung with hyperinflation.

  • 00:34 Data sets about economic woes did not have any input about debt ceiling…that was theater; No point in restricting spending; Some victories for Republicans; Freer pipelines
  • 05:00 Fiat after gold standard; No controls in fiat
  • 06:11 Spending ends January 2025; RINOs and Democrats will hang themselves with hyperinflation
  • 08:45 IMF and Bank of International Settlements
  • 10:50 Weakening of Dollar; Scary high adjustable rates
  • 13:40 Towns and regions will find that their savings have disappeared
  • 15:20 Khazarians are Satanists, not Jews; Messiah must live to be 120; Lubavitch Jews
  • 20:45 Only 8% of US is Communist; Leftists only 20% of population;
  • 25:00 Data sets indicated European war against immigrants; North America battles will be more like Viet Cong – entrenched; Three days after welfare systems crap out
  • 29:50 Majority of religious movements won’t exist 50 years from now

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