Humanity is emerging from the Khazarian-created illusion and will awaken to truths around the Jewish Culture, new tech, harvesting by space aliens, and the stupidity of the peer review process.

  • 00:30 Trump arrest is a sign of brittleness; Communism and Marxist ideology is brittle
  • 01:45 We’re in the shift; Khazarian Mafia’s system is breaking down; Jewish population being used/manipulated; El = Space Aliens; Coming to terms with the Holocaust
  • 06:05 Contention within the Jewish cultural dynamic
  • 08:00 Prussia Gate Series on Will Zoll Substack
  • 08:55 Steven Greer Disclosure Project Event
  • 14:50 Historic efficient engine systems vs current electric vehicles
  • 20:00 Emerging from the illusion
  • 20:45 Humans harvested by space aliens that love abdominal fats
  • 22:38 Seed oils
  • 26:15 Peer review process is horseshit
  • 31:00 Missing people; Human Trafficking

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