Near term peak of Big Ugly has been hit. Lots of financial upheaval in third quarter. Breaking free of the Babylonian Money System.

  • 00:10 Soltice = “Stand Still”; Interesting alignments over the next few months
  • 01:14 Near-term peak of the Big Ugly at the Trump Arraignment
  • 02:32 Third week of September to first week of November – In shitter around banks and currency
  • 04:20 Possible rejection of CBDC or rolling out of CBDC in Nov
  • 05:50 Exotic tech = “free energy”
  • 17:12 Crash of stock market is meaningless
  • 10:23 Government squeezed at all levels
  • 12:38 Largest cause of death has always been government
  • 15:20 Civil war with Jewish community
  • 16:04 Ongoing, self-supporting interest in space aliens; All religions based on space aliens
  • 18:15 Purpose of the Torah: Manual on dealing with the El (space aliens)
  • 19:20 Hell of a winter
  • 24:45 Babylonian money system for last 6000 years
  • 26:00 No Jews in the bible; Constantine’s consolidation of 1200 Christian sects

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