In this age of hypernovelty, there’s a good chance that Universe will reward you for choosing the most irreversible path.

  • 01:05 Trump Jr post about the importance of knowing a conspiracy theorist to help make sense of the near future
  • 02:40 Humans will change as we are exposed to new frequencies from the galactic center
  • 05:20 Novelty is increased as we rise away from the galactic plane
  • 07:45 Important threshold was crossed with JFK was shot; New threshold on April 3, 2024
  • 12:00 Any predictions for whatever happens afterward are likely invalid due to hypernovelty
  • 18:40 Calmest commentary on current events in coming from conspiracy theorists
  • 23:15 Universe has a reversibilitiy tax
  • 24:45 Cryptos do well because of irreversibility
  • 25:45 Normies don’t grasp the nuance of the Woo world; Choose the most irreversible path
  • 28:25 Moon issue

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