The hypothalamus and its surrounding structure in the human brain seem to be an antenna for absorbing psychic energies from space. We can prepare to be better receptors of energy from the galactic center by consuming adaptogens.

  • 00:20 Eye of Horus; Symbol is a remarkable match for a section of the human brain and specifically highlights the hypothalamus; Chaga and schisandra are adaptogens that help keep the hypothalamus healthy
  • 08:30 Concept of consciousness separating itself so we could become alive in the materium; 22 trillion times per second
  • 12:33 Einstein’s false space-time concept; No branching timelines;
  • 15:30 Order of re-emergence: (1) Little Consciousness; (2) Aether (magnetic field); (3) Psychic Field; (4) Light; (5) EM Spectrum/Electricity
  • 20:11 New symbol appears to be related to gold making the human brain more psychically active
  • 22:55 Connection between hypernovelty and the brain; Hypothalamus and surrounding structure seem to form an antenna to receive energy from space
  • 26:10 Adaptogens key to healthy hypothalamus and better reception of signals from galactic center
  • 29:23 Haven’t yet reached forecasted release language; Possibility for second event in November
  • 32:13 El in the Hebrew bible; Ruach
  • 33:30 Adaptogens to keep calm

Addendum: Per Clif on Twitter: Third adaptogen in his list was “the Panax (ginseng) asian or american.”

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