Forecasts indicate that we are about to be bombarded with new information about the moon, its true purpose, and its inhabitants.

  • 00:49 David Icke is correct in the opinion that there are beings on the Moon and the Moon is used as a control system for emotional energy
  • 02:00 Reptilians probably don’t exist in the sense that Icke describes
  • 02:30 Placement of the Moon was done 250,000 years ago; Some historical records describe life before the Moon
  • 03:50 Harappan civilization in Indus Valley
  • 09:00 Position of the moon blocks specific frequencies from space
  • 11:30 Hollow Moon
  • 17:15 Data sets have been warning about the moon for about a year
  • 19:46 Huge increase in negative forecasts around religion; Mormonism and Catholicism are on their way out; Big crash of Catholicism due to crash of currency
  • 21:50 Rumors that Rothschilds are selling things off to keep Euro alive (
  • 23:38 Moon was moved in, partly, to get rid of the coneheads
  • 24:55 Mudflood; David DuByne
  • 26:00 Big Event has not been reached; A couple more may involve lunar activity
  • 28:45 Woo people may be wrong, but they bullshitters like mainstream media

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