Clif throws cold water on some recent woo predictions and their methodology. The price of solid assets is not crashing. The debt is simply being removed.

  • 01:28 Freaking out about things said by Penny Kelly; No evidence of micronova; David DuByne has starts with false premises
  • 06:00 No evidence of battles on the moon; Penny Kelly has no process…no validation and repeatability; Dick Allgire
  • 09:03 Joe’s dreams
  • 11:00 $100,000 Bitcoin parties by Christmas or New Year’s?
  • 11:50 Biden wants more funding for Israel and Ukraine
  • 13:35 Ingo Swann books on ESP; Dick Allgire’s process
  • 22:15 No longer working with Dick Allgire and crew
  • 27:35 China demand for silver
  • 28:25 No crashes in pricing for solid assets; Reduction in price as attached debt is removed

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