Academics who’s jobs are no longer viable due to hyperinflation will start releasing information about the moon…which is not what we’ve been told.

  • 00:50 Moon is not a sphere; Prove it to yourself with a ball;
  • 09:00 Moon may be a projection; Waves through the moon
  • 16:00 Moon as spaceship that is dumping all the dust and dirt outside
  • 18:40 If moon is a device, what about astrology?
  • 21:40 Penny Kelly: Battle on the moon; Ingo Swann and remote viewers see an inhabited moon
  • 27:00 Data sets about presence in the moon
  • 28:20 Hyperinflation will cause government employees to quit; Defunct academia will give us new info on the moon

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One thought on “20231025 – Freaky Deaky!”
  1. – No the moon is not inhabited. Rather it is protected by benevolent ET’s. Moon is not a spaceship.
    – The moon is very much a sphere.
    – No the earth is a living conscious female being of prime importance to her sister mother Gaia.
    – Expect tons of disinformation about the moon. In this strange attempt to distort the reality about a pristine moon.
    – Preservation of divine natural beauty is the priority.
    Many off-worlder/ET beings have reminded me of Ray Mears/harmonized outdoorsman/bush crafter. The more naturalist/pristine mentality. Respectively leaving the earth to her own natural governance type of mentality. Men and women govern civilization in harmony with nature. Better we let things remain unadulterated than tampered with. ET beings enjoy travelling and have curious or exploratory characteristics.
    Cliff High does not have much discernment between manmade and ET made belongings. I have studied both Cliff High and Dr. Steven Greer for many years. I agree that 100 percent of our earthly problems have been man made this entire time. Real interactions with ET beings have revealed that even should they posses the slightest amount of malevolent intent, he/she is not permitted for space travel. They get quarantined, the same as our people do. Both Ray Mears and Dr. Steven Greer would make the epitome role model/mentality for excellent emissary ambassador duties. I have also learned that 95 percent of all outside sources (outside of Dr. Steven Greer) have been employed disinformation agents. The other 5 percent just doesn’t seem to have all the information/facts.

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