Over the next few years, most religious organizations and secret societies will break down because their emotional hold will fail as people realize that their translations and interpretations are shiite.

  • 01:00 Shungite’s ability to absorb EMFs and enhance psychic abilities; Ingo Swan – Difference between humans and aliens
  • 06:00 Psychic attempts to interfere with the Clif High/Jean Claude Moon show
  • 07:30 Alien telepathy simply more practiced than humans, but not more powerful
  • 09:40 Spanish Flu deaths due to penetrations; Explosion of fiat currency in the Weimar Republic replaced by USD
  • 12:48 By 2025 the mass of humanity will have to be initiated into woo; Jordan Peterson’s ARC initiative is already infiltrated by WEF
  • 17:47 Elohim are evil beings; Catholic Church, Masonic orgs, Mormon Church, etc. all hold power over you through your emotional perception; Angel of Moroni scroll totally misinterpreted by Joseph Smith; Catholic Church’s translations are similar deceptions; Mauro Biglino; Aliens genetically modified humanity
  • 26:00 German economy collapsed after 6 months of hyperinflation
  • 28:00 Facing the idea of aliens and their impact on history

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/in-yoface

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