Obviously, meteors don’t create perfectly-circled craters. But now there are even moon craters that have disappeared. We’re about to find out who inhabits the moon.

  • 00:38 Some craters on the moon have disappeared; Meteor craters aren’t perfect circles; Some craters have disappeared
  • 10:20 Big screw-up on Clif last interaction with the Dick Allgire remote viewing guys
  • 13:30 Moon inhabitants speak Etruscan; Welsh = Etruscan?
  • 16:28 Elohim in charge of the moon; Elohim created Jews
  • 23:45 Most Jews haven’t read the Talmud
  • 25:06 Israeli conflict was forecast as “Sum of all fears.”; First nuke that explodes totally destroys the central banking system
  • 29:40 Israel created Hamas

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/antiselenite

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