Woo people will more easily adapt to the coming period of hypernovelty. Normies will find it hard to adapt. But it may be most difficult for the literalists in the Abrahamic religions.

  • 01:45 Woo people will be better equipped to absorb hypernovelty
  • 02:30 Hypernovelty = Absence of Authority
  • 05:08 Mush-head effect
  • 06:45 Normies will begin to seperate from mainstream media; ChatGPT is a normie; Updated datasets reflect normie awakening
  • 09:35 Abrahamic religions face deep analysis as presence of space aliens become accepted; Moses experience with the Ruach
  • 13:15 Elohim don’t like being outside of their gons/forcefields
  • 15:15 Non-inspired bible translations
  • 18:00 Breakdown of religious authority
  • 24:00 Jesus and space aliens
  • 26:15 UFO activity up 5 times over last year

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/el-merda-divina

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