Making AI more functional with prompt injection and reviewing the observations of Clif’s linguistic friends who are building a profile of the space alien Elohim after looking at many of the 1000+ Torah versions.

  • 00:40 Radical Ass Linguistic F*ckers (RALF) group; Hundreds of Elohim noted in Torah; Space aliens and their tech is obscured in the translation
  • 02:30 Patanjali Yoga-Sutra
  • 04:15 Predicting Joe’s (Jsnip4) airplane crash
  • 06:00 Elohim discussion is for mental preparation
  • 07:23 Using AI to find Elohim in literature; Prompt Injection
  • 09:19 Chat GPT is Jewish
  • 11:40 Library in Nepal
  • 15:55 Programmers won’t give AI access to the Internet
  • 17:50 Elohim in distress, getting drunk; Story of Elohim getting drunk and poisoned
  • 21:00 Over 1000 versions of the Torah; 1200 Christian sects had their own bible
  • 22:30 Blue-green blood with lots of copper
  • 25:15 Jews are suffering Stockholm Syndrome; Mauro Biglino
  • 27:00 Genetics of Elohim vs Human vs Ashkenasi Jews
  • 30:30 Entirely different relationship with space aliens next year; Massive changes on surface of Moon; Inside of moon can hold 10 billion people

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