Clif with Jordan Sather talking about the Elohim and how humanity must heal from its Stockholm Syndrome in order to win next year’s battle and move beyond our enslavement.

  • 00:01:50 Interview begins; Not colonized by Elohim; Intent was to harvest during Kali Yuga; Ideal civilizations that lasted thousands of years
  • 00:08:40 Antarctic = Atlantis
  • 00:10:30 Garden of Eden = Armenia; Gons = Domes/Bubbles; Flat Earth pushed by DOD
  • 00:11:33 Did Elohim bring the Moon to Earth?; 8 million humans being farmed; Human trafficking being shutdown is going to upset the
  • 00:13:55 Dr Steven Greer; Size of Elohim compared to pyramids
  • 00:16:18 Stockholm Syndrome; Elohim created religions
  • 00:18:13 Last Christmas
  • 00:18:55 Elohim aren’t reptilian; They are telepathic humanoids; Melanin and pituitary gland, hypothalamus; Green, copper-based blood
  • 00:24:35 Pre-modified humans; Adam created out of the Essenes; Humans have #2 chromosome removed; Elohim tried to replace #2 chromosome and ended up with Khazarians
  • 00:28:50 Rumor of alien attack is psy-op as is Project Blue Beam
  • 00:32:11 Major people in Military Industrial Complex are relocating marine-based industries out of California to the Gulf; Can no longer operate effectively in Pacific
  • 00:36:40 Elohim genders; No evidence of birth; Metal diseases due to age; Jews are proxies on Earth of Elohim; Bo Polny Daniel’s Timeline
  • 00:41:00 Elohim gons in Antarctica; Greenland?; Invasion 12,000 years ago
  • 00:43:40 Salish and Indian legends; Ten tribes of giants released; Description of the gons; Clif’s relatives that got paid to dump the bones of giants off ships
  • 46:50 David Grush on Tucker; Contention in the Military Industrial Complex
  • 00:51:10 Guy on Sean Ryan podcast; Raytheon in Antarctica; Raytheon offered Clif’s dad a job; Disclosure happening in 2024
  • 00:56:07 Yahweh = brother of Lucifer
  • 00:58:30 Jan Halper-Hayes, Charlie Ward, Juan O’Savin; Hypernovelty
  • 01:02:05 Torah, Stockholm Syndrome of the Jews; Bo Polny
  • 01:03:40 Someone of the moon preparing for D-Day style invasion
  • 01:07:30 Timeframe; Balloon of awakening; Exposure to the contention with non-human beings; The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino

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3 thoughts on “20231224 – Jordan Sather #3”
  1. That force field in Antartica is likely where an em field for a city the size of NY is detected under Lake Vostok.

  2. I believe Clif is on right track with galactic emanations increasing and allowing us possibility of more “abilities”. Six months or so ago, article mentioning some galactic gas cloud tilting towards galactic core (but in actuality this happened 26k years ago). This galactic core flash is likely to be seen and felt around 2030. Imagine if something wondrous was about to happen to humanity, something that is undividable, unmeasurable, but which elites or other forces wish to keep for themselves or make sure we do not attain it. If only they knew this was coming, they could build underground cities to house 500M or so slaves that would be shielded from effects. Just kill off the other 95% because if they leave them on Earth, they upgrade.

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