Clif discovered the mental rigidity level of Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein when he gave $200 as one their first SuperChatters. He wanted to know how aliens figured into their thinking process.

  • 00:40 Heather Heying, wife of Bret Weinstein entering HyperNovelty; Naomi Wolf apparently part of an paid influencer network; COVID Psyop
  • 07:00 Unwitting controlled opposition?
  • 08:58 Clif was one of Bret & Heather’s first superchatter…gifted $200; Used space aliens to guage their mental flexibility
  • 13:00 Space aliens and the bible; Bo Polny worships an Elohim and the Jews
  • 21:10 Mid-June Normie Shock
  • 21:55 Group trying to corral influencers; Group does NOT want alien discussion; Steerage

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